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Our Most Frequently asked questions

I didn’t receive my confirmation email. What do I do?

Check your spam folders and junk mail folders for an email from If you did not receive an email, there may be another problem. Please contact and we can reset your registration.

Why does Quote It 3D require a confirmation email?

In order to authenticate that the user who signed up has access to the email that is used, including the ability to reset password, we require a valid email address. We also use it to provide you with valuable onboarding information, and keep you apprised of changes in the product. If you don’t want to receive messages from us, you can always unsubscribe using the link on any email we send, and we won’t send you any further email correspondence.

Is this product ITAR compliant?

Yes, however if you are an ITAR registered company, be sure to sign up for the ITAR version of the Quote It 3D application to meet ITAR compliance requirements. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) control the export and import of defense-related articles and services on the United States Munitions List (USML). According to the U.S. Government, all manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of defense articles, defense services, or related technical data must be ITAR compliant. Therefore, more companies are requiring their supply chain members to be ITAR compliant as well.

Is the data I upload secure? Who can access it?

All the data you upload is securely stored in an online database that can only be accessed with your login credentials. You can add other users to your account, and they will be able to access project database. As with any cloud application, the best way to keep your data secure is to provide a secure password and ensure everyone who you add as a user also has secure passwords. Since our application and your data is hosted with Amazon Web Services, it is maintained on servers with the highest standards for security and access control as well as redundancy and backup. For more details on Amazon’s security practices click here. Machine Research technical administration staff, all U.S. based personnel, have access to the data for routine administration purposes, but cannot access your account credentials. If you sign up for our ITAR storage option, the data is guaranteed to be hosted in the United States on Amazon’s GovCloud servers. For more on Amazon’s GovCloud and security practices click here

Can my files be accessed and viewed on a mobile device?

ShareView 3D is available on iOS and Android devices as well as any laptop or desktop computer. A user will have the ability to view, manipulate, and work with the application through their device’s web browser. To sign up for the iOS version click here. To sign up for the Android version, click here.

Can I add additional users for my company or suppliers?

With our new Quote It 3D software, only the administrator can add users via the Settings > User Admin option. You can add as many users as you like to your Quote It 3D account. There is no charge for adding a user. At the current time, any user can view any project in your Quote It 3D library, so make sure you want them to have full access. If you want to share a single project or quote, it’s best to use the built-in Share feature which shares a link to a project or quote but doesn’t allow the recipient of the link to view anything else in your database.

Will Quote It 3D work with any web browser?

Quote It 3D is designed to work with all web browsers, is tested to work with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It is accessible through both iOS and Android devices.

Does Machine Research offer a locally hosted version of the software?

No. We don’t believe that hosting yourself can be more secure, and the costs of replicating our infrastructure locally would be cost prohibitive. Today’s manufacturing companies receive CAD models and RFQ’s from their customers via email and through secure FTP sites. It is also common that manufacturers want to view these files on multiple devices in the office and on the go. Cloud based software systems are the most efficient way to provide anywhere and anytime access across any device. The benefit is that none of the information has to be stored on the local device and you can securely share with other users without using email or secure FTP.

What 3D CAD formats will the Machine Research software view and translate?

We support all the major CAD and Neutral file formats, including AutoCAD 3D, Inventor, SolidWorks, Catia V5, Pro/ Engineer ACIS, Parasolid, Siemens NX, Solid EdgeSTEP and IGES.

How can I increase model upload speed?

If it’s taking minutes rather than seconds to upload a CAD model the solution may be to clear your browser cache per the following links: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Does Quote It 3D connect with ERP or CAM applications?

Quote It 3D has APIs that allow us to integrate with ERP, CRM and CAM applications to transfer data to and from Quote It 3D. If you have a requested application that you’d like us to integrate with – please feel free to Contact Us.

If I discontinue service with Machine Research can I get my files back?

We consider your files your property and if you regrettably decide to discontinue service, we will maintain your files on our servers for 30 days. In those 30 days you will have the ability to download any of your files back to your local systems. After 30 days, we will delete your data.

What is a Quote It 3D project and what does it do for me?

Projects are the basic units that you use to build your catalog in Quote It 3D. The reason to create a catalog is to store information for the purposes of searching, estimating, and quoting. A project can include 3D files, attachments which can include drawings, spreadsheets, PDFs and other properties that you can search on such as descriptions, part numbers, and customer information. Quote It 3D projects have several advantages over storing files on your local file server and over cloud storage tools like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive and allow you to keep any information associated with a job in one place where the whole team can access it if needed. In addition, the primary 3D file associated with a project displays a thumbnail snapshot and can be easily viewed and analyzed with the built-in 3D viewer software. Once you create a project, you can attach estimates, quantity breakdown and pricing information that you can use to generate a quote.

  1. Primary Model File. Typically, a 3D file (though it can be any type of file you want) that displays a thumbnail image. You can view and analyze 3D models with a single click with our embedded viewer. Unlike standard cloud storage tools, we allow you to open, view, analyze, mark up, share and export the 3D file to universal formats.
  2. Attachments: files that carry important information about the project. These can include drawings, estimates, quotes, CAM files or anything that belongs with the project and that a user might want to “drill down” into to learn more about the project.
  3. Properties - properties are searchable attributes that give you more information about a project. These include simple things like
  • Descriptive data - descriptions, part numbers, customer information, material and other information you use to describe the project.
  • Status information - you can describe the owner and status of the project to avoid duplicate work
  • Parametric data - information is automatically extracted from the physical attributes of the part such as bounding box, volume, surface area and calculated properties such as weight and volume of material removed.
  • Estimate data - You can attach “recipes” which are ways to approach making the part along with the associated time and cost data. This information can be estimated or actual data.
  • Pricing and quote data - You can quickly create quotes and all the information is related to the project, so you never have to wonder what anyone in the organization told the customer
  • Ratings - You can also rate the recipes to let your team know how accurate the data is known to be and help define whether these parts are something you’d want to make more of.
Quote It 3D projects have several advantages over storing files on your local file server and over cloud storage tools like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive:
  • 3D Viewing and Analysis. You can actually view the 3D model associated with any project from anywhere with a single click. Thumbnails are automatically created and you can open a full featured 3D viewer with a single click.
  • Mobile Viewing. You can open 3D files in any format attached to an email on your phone or tablet and view it so you can decide quickly if you want to quote the projector if you need more information from the customer. No more running to find a computer that has the translator or waiting for an engineer to open the file for you.
  • Dropbox and Google Drive Support. You can open files from Google Drive and Dropbox and view them on your mobile device or tablet. This is really handy if a customer is sharing a large file with you.
  • Secure, centralized storage. You can quickly move a file from your mobile device into a secure centralized location where anyone who has permission in your company can view the 3D model and begin the quoting and estimating process.
  • ITAR Compliance. For ITAR regulated projects and customers, you can move a file from a secure FTP directly into an ITAR compliant storage location that is accessible to anyone in your company with permission to view and is protected according to the ITAR standards.
  • Duplicate detection. Since cataloged project files are centrally located, if anyone in your company uploads a duplicate file or part number, it is immediately detected. Avoid duplicate estimates and quotes which can damage your relationships with customers.
  • Faster Estimating and Quoting. Since every cataloged project has all estimate and quote data attached to it, there’s no need for running around to find the source of truth or the status of the estimate and quote. It’s all there and accessible from anywhere, anytime. And it can always be updated with the latest data.
  • Shape Search. When you get a request for quote, Shape Search lets you immediately compare the incoming model to similar projects potentially saving you from costly rework and mistakes. You can find similar parts and copy estimate and pricing data and quickly create a quote using known good data.
  • Sharing. When you need to share a model with a contractor or supplier, but you don’t want to share the actual model file for concerns of the customer’s proprietary data, Quote It 3D lets you share the 3D experience without sharing the actual file. Your contractor can view and analyze the 3D model to provide pricing data without compromising your customer data. The file never leaves your hands.
  • Ideal Project Profiling. You can rate every customer, project and recipe so that you can define the kind of work that’s ideal for your company. You can quickly compare all inbound projects against rated projects, so you can focus your resources on projects that are in your wheelhouse!
These are just a few reasons you’ll find that cataloging your company’s work in Quote It 3D is the best way to catalog your tribal knowledge and turn it into a competitive advantage!

What services does Machine Research provide?

Machine Research provides software for custom manufacturers who are looking for ways to improve their estimating, quoting and manufacturing processes. Our ShareView 3D apps (on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPAD and the Google Play Store for Android devices) allow you to upload, view, and analyze 3D models and share viewable models either via email. You can also securely send models you upload directly to your Quote It 3D account or any other Quote It 3D user. They will receive an email and the files will appear in their inbox. Quote It 3D offers all the viewing and analysis features in Share View 3D, plus the ability to create projects that you can save for improving your estimating and quoting processes.

What is ShapeSearch?

ShapeSearch is a feature in Quote It 3D that allows you to perform visual searches within your catalog for similar models and parts. Once identified, job information can be copied into a project to save time, capture critical information and eliminate rework.

How do I buy?

First, sign up for a free account. If you know you will need more than 50 projects, click on the "Upgrade" button in the app, choose the number of projects you estimate needing, then enter your credit card details. If you are paying annually, you can save 20% and get 2 months free. If you need more than 12,000 projects, please contact us for pricing.

Can I upgrade or downgrade later?

Quote It 3D is priced based on the number of projects in your database. As you grow, upgrade at any time and you will be charged pro-rata through the end of your billing term. You can downgrade at any time, but changes will not take effect until the start of the next term. In order to downgrade, you may have to delete projects to be under the limit.

What advantages does Quote It 3D offer for manufacturers estimation and quoting?

Manufacturers use many tools to quote work from Excel spreadsheets to ERP quoting applications but none of them have the advantage of being able to access cost information or underlying CAD model data from similar parts to enhance the quoting process. By enabling visual shape search technology and accessing a database of similar parts that have been made before and accessing actual cost data a manufacturer is able to more accurately quote new parts.

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