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Affordable, powerful quoting software for Machine Shops


Machine Research helps manufacturers overcome challenges with maximizing their profitability by providing affordable, fast and accurate quoting solutions

Machine Research was founded in 2014 with the mission of helping growing machine shops leverage their existing information assets to run more efficiently and make better business decisions. Since then, over 30,000 users around the world have signed up for our software.


Our software helps machine shops who want to grow their sales and estimation teams to consistently respond faster to RFQs without sacrificing accuracy. Our software enables front office teams to immediately view 3D files on any device and quickly create estimates and produce consistent, visually appealing quotes that are easy to track.


Unlike traditional estimating methods that require manually piecing together data from multiple sources, our software uses cutting-edge part analysis technology with computational geometry to automatically estimate parts, and leverages machine learning and data from prior quotes and estimates, as well as customer intelligence, to tailor to individual machine shops estimating and costing models to set the right price for the right business.

Our Estimating & Quoting Solution

3D CAD Model Viewer

Built  to view, analyze, markup, translate and share any 3D model or drawing and extract basic geometric information for faster, more accurate costing. Convert, store and share your models securely.  

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Estimating & Quoting Software

Estimating and quoting software built for machine shop and custom manufacturing teams who need to share knowledge and improve quoting speed and accuracy. Creates a centralized, shared catalog of all your models and drawings, automatically captures estimates and costing information, and generates quotes instantly. 

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Custom manufacturing is changing.  In the past customers would hand me drawings or prints to work from but now everything is communicated with 3D CAD models which I often can’t open.  Machine Research solves that problem for me by letting me see everything my customers send on my phone or laptop.  This has eliminated a huge frustration in opening and viewing CAD files.



Santa Barbara California Wood Worker



Access CAD models directly from your catalog, email, or cloud storage, on your mobile devices. — iOS and Android apps now available
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