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Capture knowledge.
Connect teams.

Collaborate in real-time.

Free machining cost estimation software for teams who need to share knowledge and improve quoting speed and accuracy.

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Upload and view all major 3D CAD file formats anywhere, on any device
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Do you have an easy way to capture tribal knowledge, calculate and organize all of your pricing estimates, machine costs, and job quotes?

Determining the right machining costs calculations and quoting formulas for machine shops can be difficult for teams. Maybe they're locked in one person's spreadsheet. Or worse, in someone's memory. Or perhaps your customer knows what you've previously quoted, but you can't find a copy or see the math behind the price to know if it was profitable. 

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. And we have the perfect solution.

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Harness Collective Knowledge
Bridge silos and create one source of truth

  • Real-time collaboration with teammates specific to a part, estimate, or how to run a job - all in one system

  • In-app messaging to ask and answer questions, make comments, and capture job information 

  • Task management for assigning tasks with due dates and notification reminders so nothing slips through the cracks

  • Part-specific commenting to customers, captured and noted on final quotes

Organize Your Estimating & Quoting
Instantly find what you need

  • Replace spreadsheets and automate your estimating and quoting

  • Quickly and securely store, organize, access and share part files, estimates and quotes across your entire shop 

  • View previous estimates and quotes by customer for immediate recall and comparisons

  • Easily find and leverage prior cost and pricing information from previous jobs

  • Allow team access to estimates and quotes for consistency and knowledge sharing

  • Create visually appealing and professional looking quotes instantly from an estimate, that can easily be tracked

Instant CNC Quote


Tackle Estimating With Efficiency and Ease
Take advantage of a smarter way to work

Instantly and automatically generate the following: 

  • Automated part analyzer and part library

  • Machine programming time and cost calculation

  • Machine set-up time and cost calculations

  • Machine run time and cost calculations

  • Material cost calculation

  • Markup calculator

  • Custom-branded PDF quote based on your estimates

  • AI and Machine Learning trained to your shop

  • Default rates included in the system, or override and customize with your own rates

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